Crazy title, huh?!

Well, here’s the deal. I feel so excited about this day! I’m excited about decluttering, tidying our house, cleaning for a family gathering. Wow!! It’s been years since I have felt this good!

My glass is not only half-full, it’s overflowing! Yay!!

So, what has changed?? How does the girl who has battled so much depression feel like this?
I think that working through some of my grief, my heavy load from childhood loss has made the most difference. It is such a blessing not to be carrying around so much childhood pain, so much grief. Thank you Lord. I am so blessed. I feel this to my bones and I’m excited to live again.

This has been a big year for grief reduction.
I’ve tried many ways of avoiding / denying my grief. Oddly enough the only way to reduce my grief load is to actually walk through it. Ugh!
This is painful, hard work and yet the rewards are priceless.

Each little bit of grief that is allowed to surface and be felt finds resolution, The pain actually subsides! And then there is Peace. Peace and Joy can now take up residence in that very spot where pain and trauma lived before.

This, My Friend, is the Joy of Grief….the blessing of becoming real….of being able to be present for all that this day of wonder holds.

May you find strength and courage to walk through any pain that is blocking you from Peace and Joy.

much love,