I can’t begin to tell you all the hurdles and roadblocks that have kept me from writing these very words for months. It’s embarrassing and sort of pathetic. Once I knew that I was to write and share about some of my healing, I just sort of shut down.

At the risk of sounding melodramatic, I know that there are spiritual forces at work that don’t want any of this shared. The enemy much prefers that I stay small and quiet (and broken, for that matter!)

Jesus says that I don’t have to stay small and quiet. It is with His Boldness that I am able to type these words. It is through Him that I am finally healing. I want that for you, too. I can’t give it to you, but I can share what I’m going through and learning with hopes that it touches you and moves you through the pain and into a place of freedom and sweet, sweet healing.

I wish that I could give you the 5 Easy Steps to Healing, but that’s not been my experience. Every time I find a “recipe”, it comes up empty. When I try to apply a “Quick and Easy Answer” to myself, it feels legalistic and contrived…like I have to click my heels together, tip my head just right, and snap my fingers 5 times….It’s just not like that.
(Can I just add that this repeated discovery bums me out! I REALLY want the 5 Easy Steps to follow and have success!! Drat!!)

But here is the good news: When the pain causes us to turn to God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, that’s where the real healing takes place–The kind of healing that Lasts!

This very real Trio of Love can mend the most broken places in your heart. Places that you have sealed away…horrible things that are locked in your own personal chamber of secrets. But just because you’ve hidden them away, most certainly doesn’t keep you safe from them. No, no, Sweet Friend. All those things hidden so deeply are festering away. We have to open the wound and let Jesus extract the infection and heal that broken place once and for all.  He is a good surgeon and a Mighty Healer!

Much of my healing has come through journaling, prayer, and really listening to God. I’ve also been led to counselors periodically and had years of antidepressants. I give the antidepressants mixed reviews. That’s a piece that you will have to figure out on your own. I’m happy to share my experiences with them, but you (with the help of your doctor) will have to find your own path. Just know that the answer to this prickly question may change for you periodically. It has for me.

Here is a sweet nugget that I heard this from Jesus this morning. I was telling Him about my pain and how it overwhelms me (a common topic!). He said:
     The only way out is to give it (the pain) to Me.
     I will give you peace and joy in its place. 

I pray that you are able to bundle up a little piece of your pain today and hand it over to Jesus. I’ve never had Him hand pain back to me. Once He takes it, it’s gone! Then there is room for His Peace and Joy.

May your day be incredibly blessed.