Who am I to Write?

There has been a call on my life to write for a long time. I think about writing every day. I know that I’m supposed to write. And yet, I can’t seem to write. Is this the way of humans or just my own private struggle? I think this may be the way of humans…this deep...

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Saying “Yes”

Yesterday was tough. It took a long time for the sludge to lift, but it did. I finally admitted to myself and my husband that I need to sign up for some more deep counseling work. I texted the counselor and said "yes" to the upcoming group. I'm saying "yes" to working...

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The Joy of Grief

Crazy title, huh?! Well, here's the deal. I feel so excited about this day! I'm excited about decluttering, tidying our house, cleaning for a family gathering. Wow!! It's been years since I have felt this good! My glass is not only half-full, it's overflowing! Yay!!...

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What is Enough for Christmas?

I woke up feeling a little sad and very inadequate. When I peeled back the feeling of inadequacy, I found it was related to Christmas. I think I got off to a good start with my holiday preparations, but then I got a little side-tracked with some other life issues that...

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Such Love

Today is Easter. I've had somewhat of a rough day. It's been an emotional week. I'm not sure why....just lots of stuff coming up (and hopefully out) for me. This weekend I have been grieving a major loss from many years ago. A loss that I had never really recognized...

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Pam Stahl
Hi Friends! Welcome!
I’m the resident Crazy Girl here and I’m so glad you stopped by. I’m all about hope and healing and being happy….That’s the payoff that happens as you uncork the pain in your heart and feel your feelings! Gasp!!